Long Time


It’s been a long time since I wrote. Well, the hosting crash did set me off-track a bit. To add to that, my exams began. They’ll get over tomorrow.

I hadn’t any plans of writing today but the millions of formulas and hundreds of pages of the textbook that I’ve been trying to memorize (albeit without much success) have cluttered up my mind. The stuff seems to be going round and round in my head like tiny buzzing bees.

So I thought letting out my feelings on the blog might help relax and prepare my brain for the early morning struggle to complete as much part of the syllabus as humanly possible in 1 and half hour.

So, adiós for now, until I come back to write! And of-course, all the best to me for tomorrow’s exams!


It’s day 2 and my mind is abuzz with ideas. I wanted to do quite a few things here, but had quite some work to do, with a college fest in 2 days.
For instance, I wanted to post some of my photographs, writings and thoughts. But I guess I’ll have to be content with this humble post!
The song ‘Fakira Chal Chala Chal’  plays in my ears as I type. It’s quite an old song, but I love the lyrics. Maybe you should also lend it an ear.

Hello World!

Hello World!
I begin my very first post with the words – “Hello World!”, the two magical words that are the very first in a programmer’s life! Technically speaking, I am no programmer, but since the department I study in is called Computer Department, I do like to call myself that.
Creating a website, as I recently understood involves 2 entities. You need a domain and web hosting, much like human birth which happens with the union of two cells.
So this is the birth of ABSTRACTION on the blogosphere.
Being my very first post, it’s my duty and pleasure to whole-heartedly thank my dear friend Biplob Biswas, who helped me create ABSTRACTION.